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Personal Website to show off your talents
Small Business site to sell your product or services
Association Website to keep everyone informed
Organization Website to support your cause
Corporation wanting to upgrade and be more relevant today

Repackage and upgrade your current site
Add a promotional slideshow presentation
Enhance a gallery, or add a new one
Create a new site from scratch that matches your personality
Copy some modern site while adding your own custom twist

Website Development
Web Design
Graphic Art enhancement
Propagate your new site with your personal/sales content
Create the information/sales content for you
Add a new trick

Make a Blog that matches your Main Site
Or make a Website that matches your Blog
Update your web content periodically for you
What about matching Promotional Fliers
Matching Business Card Design
Brochure, Poster, or Banner design
New Logo with Matching Letterhead


How Much?

For quick information about pricing your Project, please take advantage of our Comments form on the 'Contact' page of this website.


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Introductory Discount!

If this is your first experience with us, please ask about our 'Introductory Discount'. We expect you to be so pleased with our work that you will come back to us with your future upgrades! The technology has been advancing exponentially; and to keep up with your competition ... you will need us.

The Crystal Art Web Design team hopes that you will appreciate our personal attention to your personnel, and our devotion to your project. We are trusting that our great service will encourage your desire for a future service agreement with us. And down the road we're hoping you come back to Crystal Art Web Design, like having an ace in your back pocket!

Rather than charge as much as the market will bear for our services, our pricing strategy is to only charge for our time; and to avoid price gouging, we will quote a flat rate for your project! So if we get your job done in a few days, you only pay for those few days!


Standard Pricing

First, a moment to allow better understanding of the standard costs of web design:

This site was designed from scratch without a 'template'. This site is rather elegant without being very personal ~ business like for the most part. The site contains multiple integrated code styles which took about 80 hours to build. It includes 22 pages, there are over (6,000) lines of code, 60 formatted photos, and we had to write the copy as well!

Web development, graphic design, and professional sales copy specialists tend to get paid $150 to $250 per day, depending on their experience. If you are willing to dig a little, you will find that this is standard for the industry. Furthermore, mega-sites like Yahoo and Google and MSN have many full-time employees, each making $150 to $250 per day; so they spend thousands of dollars every day just to keep their sites up to speed.

What this amounts to is that this site cost about $2000 to build. Using this fact as a reference, your complete site (depending on the size) should cost from $1000 to $3000 to build regardless of who does the work for you.

To maintain a fairness regarding pricing, we have a standardized list we use as a guide (rather than gouge you for whatever we could get.) We are also open to discounting with regard to the various shortcuts available. For example, if you are interested in a custom site generated through a site builder like WordPress or Blogger, your cost would be less due to the speed at which this can be accomplished. We have built some of these sites in a single day!

Your project will usually get completed in one to two weeks (depending on its size.) Furthermore, when we quote you a price, we will stick to it ... even if we end up with cost overruns. And in order to keep everyone busy without compromising our timetable, we will only take on 3 to 5 overlapping projects at a time.

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