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Crystal Art Web Design Team

    Project Manager:
  • System Architect (focuses on ease of maintenance, application performance, and compatibility with existing systems)
  • Design Team Coordination (project parts integration)
  • SEO (search engine optimization)
    Web Developer:
  • Web Site Builder (responsible for programming the site's functionality)
  • Web Programmer (writes the codes: HTML/XHTML, CSS, PHP, and JavaScript)
  • Software Quality Control & Assurance (insures releasing a relatively bug-free product)
    Web Designer:
  • Web Designer (focuses on the graphical user interface)
  • Graphic Designer (focuses on the site's layout)
    Requirements Analyst:
  • The Liaison (between the business people and the software development team)
  • Sales Copywriter (focuses on persuasive text)
  • Technical Writer (focuses on informative text)
    Graphic Artist:
  • Works with Web Designer (backgrounds and pictures)
  • Creates Art for other Projects
  • Logos, Business Cards, Posters, Letterheads

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